Classic pong or pong WARS - a new and exciting way of playing featuring powerups, bases, planes, bazookas, carnage and nuclear explosions!

Keyboard player 1:

up, down arrows for movement + space bar for fire

Keyboard player 2:

q, a for movement + c for fire


bazooka - one-shot fast projectile

laser - damage over time (hold fire to shoot)

bunker - activates the destroyed bunker that periodically shoots bazookas at the enemy; when the bunker is damaged the rate of fire decreases

3xBalls - spawns three more powerballs on the field of battle

Slow - slows the opponent

Kamikazes - launch an unblockable plane that crashes into the enemy base

Nuke - rare spawn - unleash total devastation!


Almost all projectiles can be blocked by the player pad.

Focus more on powerups and projectiles than on powerballs.


Download 22 MB

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